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We Do: Litho Printing

We Do: Litho Printing

Litho printing is one of the most common print production processes. Litho has been around since 1796 and is a highly cost effective way of producing large quantities of print.

Litho can produce print from 1 colour to 6 or sometimes even more. Litho is used in the production of most paper printing from business cards to magazines.

We Do: Digital Litho Printing

Digital printing is a popular choice for producing short run printing. Unlike litho printing, there is no initial setup, so it is more cost effective to choose digital for short run orders. There is less waste compared to litho and digital machines can be integrated with databases to produce personalised direct mail.

However digital does have it's downfalls, the quality cannot be compared to litho and colour reproduction can sometimes differ. Digital can also become costly for larger quantities.

Digital printing is commonly associated with producing short run business cards, leaflets and brochures.