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We Do: Bespoke Graphics We Do: Bespoke Graphics

We Do: Bespoke Graphics

Print direct to ceiling tiles and create themed areas for retail, professional and leisure environments. Imagine ceiling tiles printed with a beautiful summer sky; how calming would that be for a patient in a dentist's chair! Perhaps a skydiver falling to earth for dramatic effect or a subtle pattern to inspire creative thought. Ceiling tiles could indicate zones in large open plan offices, or display advertising messages to attract sales.

Tiles are printed direct to surface on a UV flat bed printing press. The environmentally friendly ink means no solvents are used, and the ink is waterproof. Printed designs can be full colour and photographic images can be used as well as solid colours and subtle tones. Any size design can be used as the image can be divided up to cover any amount of ceiling tiles.

If you would like to know more about printed ceiling tiles or bespoke graphics contact us.