How to pay

We have a range of secure payment methods which are outlined below

  • Cheque

    From any UK Bank Account. Just e-mail us and we can provide full details and we will send a receipt by e-mail back to confirm safe delivery at our registered address. In the absence of a cheque then a Bankers drafts or Building society cheques are also accepted.

  • Credit Card or Debit Card

    We offer a fully secure payment service using the advanced security measures that the UK's leading online payment system can offer our customers. Even better you don't have to be registered with paypal to make a secure payment on-line.

    This option could be useful to pay on a Credit Card to spread the cost over a number of months, plus gives you added security as your payment is protected.

  • Bank Transfer

    Just e-mail us and we can provide you with our Bank details so you can make a secure payment online or in branch from your account simply, quickly and usually without any charges.