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Rabbit Rescue & Re-Homing

Rabbit Rescue & Re-Homing

New charity, no art work, very little budget, requires identity to reflect on exactly what they do!

Denise has a passion for animals, and when her hobby became more than a hobby she had to take the rabbit by the ears and go forward!

At Rabbit Rescue & re-homing it is all about the animals. Denise and co try there hardest to match the perfect pet to the perfect owner. They believe that every animal deserves a second chance in life and Denise will do her best to make it happen.

Rabbit Rescue & re-homing gets no funding so they rely on donations for the animals and any second hand hutches they can sell in order to pay for pet food and care.

Over the past few years Rabbit rescue & re-homing have taken in and re-homed hundreds of rabbits/guineas.

It was a pleasure to work with Denise and actually see someone who has a real passion for these animals, If she's out collecting lost rabbits or injured rabbits or simply taking in abandoned rabbits.

The identity we put together is a simple message in a classic font , showing the vulnerable side of the animals Denise is mostly working with.

We used this identity across the business cards, posters, hooded jackets, t-shirts and Jumpers